Shattered is the dramatic story of a young mother and her two children, caught up in the mass separation of tens of thousands of American born children from their deported parents.

Shattered embodies what more than 46,000 families endured when parents were part of massive ICE detentions and deportations in the United States, within the first six months of 2011 alone.

During these sweeps many parents were unable to claim or make arrangements for their children to be returned to them, or to be cared for by close family members.  Numerous children are permanently being separated from their parents’ love, by federally-funded county agencies that have inadequate or non-existent practices and policies, to address the distinctive circumstances that undocumented immigrant parents in detention or deportation proceedings face.

Currently, there is no national reunification registry of these children, and their current location, to assist these parents seeking to reunite with their children.

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Help reunite children with their deported parents.  No one has the right to separate a child from the parent they love.  Nobody!

Support our petitions:

  • Sign LPC’s online petition to the United States House of Representatives, the United States Senate, and President Barack Obama urging members to include a national reunification registry of the U.S. citizen children who have been scattered throughout the nation’s county foster care system when their parent was detained/deported
  • Sign LPC’s online petition to President Barack Obama to issue an Executive Order to help reunite tens of thousands of American children with their deported parents
  • Sign LPC’s online petition seeking a United Nations Writ of Habeas Corpus asking the President of the United States to provide the UN Human Rights Council a complete and detailed list of these missing children and their locations

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  • Email request to –
  • Phone in request to – (916) 444-2425

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