Proyecto Oportunidad’s mission is to organize within the Latino Community and promote that every family earn at least one college degree so that all American working families may truly prosper together.

Proyecto Oportunidad is LPC’s latest effort in mobilizing Latinos/Latinas to enroll in institutions of higher education; and to further increase civic participation through vote by mail.

Our Team

Most of the LPC/Oportunidad Organizers are the first in their families to earn a college degree.  Each one overcame many obstacles; whether it was a lack of basic counseling on how to apply to different colleges; how to pay for a higher education; or how to succeed in a new academic environment.

Oportunidad Organizers reach out and empower communities with information and guidance.  Our goal is for every Latino family to earn at least one college degree in order to fulfill our community and our nation’s vast economic potential.  Click here to meet the whole team!

Proyecto Oportunidad Projects:

  • Higher Education: Proyecto Oportunidad aims to increase Latino applications to institutions of higher education; and to increase college degree attainment within each Latino family through better awareness, preparation, and access to admissions, scholarships, and loan opportunities.
  • Civic Participation:  A key part of Proyecto Oportunidad is to increase the number of Latinos who vote by mail.  Voting by mail (VBM) may increase voter turnout by four to five percentage points in general elections and significantly more in local or off-year elections.  This is especially important for the Latino community as we continue the fight to save the CA DREAM Act and pass the Federal DREAM Act.
  • California DREAM Act: Proyecto Oportunidad empowers communities in Southern California to defend and save AB 131.
  • Federal DREAM Act:  Proyecto Oportunidad continues to educate communities and mobilize volunteers to demand Congress pass the comprehensive Federal DREAM Act. (S. 3992; H.R. 6497)

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