By conducting community outreach in Los Angeles and Orange County, Proyecto Oportunidad seeks to increase the number of Latinos who register to vote by mail (VBM).

Despite being the largest minority group in California, which is comprised of nearly 40 percent of the state’s population, the percentage of Latino voters registered to VBM is 12 percentage points lower than the general population’s 37 percent.

In LA County the rate is dramatically lower than it is statewide – only 8.82 percent of the County’s 1.2 million Latino voters are registered to VBM.

VBM program is a convenience way of voting, it serves primarily to retain higher participation among those voters who tend to vote in general elections by making it easier for them to vote in traditionally lower-interest local, special, or nonpartisan elections.

The only way we can fight to defend the CA DREAM Act and to pass the Federal DREAM Act is by voting, VBM will help ensure the Latino community’s voices are heard.

For more information regarding the Vote By Mail program please visit the California Secretary of State’s website,

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